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Relocating? 15 Strategies To Impress Out-Of-State Employers

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Forbes Coaches Council members recommend doing these things when job hunting from afar. Photos courtesy of the individual members.

Job seekers around the country know how many hoops they have to jump through just to get noticed. It’s what has led many of those same job seekers to take their search on the road. Many are now open to relocation, chasing the elusive employment opportunity that might be out of state.

However, even elsewhere, a job seeker needs to make a positive impression on hiring managers and companies to stand a chance against local competition. Fifteen contributors to Forbes Coaches Council delve into how job seekers can make an impression on out-of-state hirers, and how these steps will help them land the job they’re looking for.

  1. Show Commitment To Relocation

  2. Do Your Homework

  3. Be Authentic And Add Value

  4. Display Confidence And Certainty

  5. Show A Genuine Interest

  6. Adapt And Thrive

  7. Do Your Best To Stand Out

  8. Bring Fresh Views And Insights

  9. Be Clear And Transparent About Intentions

  10. Lead With Value And Your Expertise

  11. Use A Local Google Voice Account

  12. Rethink Your Resume

  13. Know The Culture

  14. Future-Proof Their Return On Investment

  15. Reach Out To People In The Community

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