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Successful leadership at the top level of an organisation requires maximum efficiency and peak performance. In most cases, a high-ranking leadership team resides at the top tier: A C-level executive board or a management board. The leadership team embodies both the peak and the foundation of the organisation and provides the necessary stability for its development. Your leadership culture is the crucial link here. It is the key to greatness and optimal performance in the long run. This is effective excellence.

My executive coaching as a sounding board for top management ensures this added value. Self-empowerment, which comes with leadership excellence, enables executives at the top tier to really take off. You will be perceived as an authentic leader and a decision-maker, using your potential to the full, as well as improving collaboration. Your standing has impact. This is true empowerment. Highest qualification level in expert status as a Business Coach on coachdb.com. Cristian Hofmann is an official Forbes Coaches Council author, an ‘invitation only’ community for leading business and career coaches.

In my capacity as executive coach, I am one of the leading consultants in the field of leadership development. My core expertise is professional coaching for entrepreneurs, top managers (C-level, CEO, CFO, CXO) and management boards as a sounding board. My executive coaching process measurably strengthens the effectiveness of executives and leadership teams.

"I show top executives how to focus on the relevant values and measures that lead to effective and authentic leadership."

My extensive experience as an executive coach has allowed me to support more than 1,000 executives in becoming even more successful leaders, through effective performance acceleration, more efficient transformational change, and in boldly shaping the future. I can help you to unfold your true leadership potential and to effectively and authentically shine in your leadership role. The results speak for themselves: 95% of the leaders who have worked with me say that executive coaching has been the greatest success factor in their leadership development

Measurable results in executive coaching

Every leader wants to be successful. But success in itself is not a goal. Success pertains more to effective leadership – and leaders behaving in an exemplary manner. In executive coaching, I work together with top leaders to set measurable goals that are aligned with their strategy and to ensure that they acquire the necessary prestige to take their success to the next level

I support leaders in focusing on the right measures, which helps them to develop a greater awareness of their own strengths and challenges. My executive coaching process is concrete and directly applicable in day-to-day behaviour. It is premised on globally validated methods and psychologically based models, in order to achieve guaranteed and sustainable results. It is your guarantee for success.

#1 Coaching Development Program – Global Gurus 2024

Executive coaching is about achieving optimal leadership excellence in a straightforward, clear and transparent process during a period of 6 to 18 months.

Executive Coaching in Zürich and other locations in Switzerland

My locations for executive coaching in Zürich, Schaffhausen, St. Gallen and Basel offer you maximum flexibility. I can also visit you upon request at your company, in person.

If you would like to learn more about executive coaching and Empowering Executives, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to discuss the possibilities of successfully collaborating and developing a customised program together with you. As a first step, we would have a non-binding introductory meeting. Addressing the relevant issues now and investing in results will achieve guaranteed success.

Empowering Executives

Empowering Executives

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