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Empowering Profile from Leadership Executive Coach

Your Leadership Empowering Profile

How are you positioned as a leader? This detailed online check gives you a personal overview of how effective your leadership is and how you can increase your reputation as a leader. From the evaluation of this tool you will receive clear approaches for action and optimisation – what you should focus on!

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“The Empowering Profile provides me with valuable information in a fast and clear manner. It immediately highlights the leadership areas where I need to focus more. I really appreciate the breakdown of the topics into subtopics and the respective achievement levels, as it makes the evaluation even more relevant and clear for me. Thank you for this useful assessment!”

Bea Gerber, Chief of Staff WM Business Transformation, UBS

Understand complex contexts, make confident decisions, act with confidence. Work together constructively and act in a solution-oriented manner … in your position as a top executive, these competences are assumed and top performance is expected. But you also have these expectations of yourself. If you do not fulfil them 100 percent, your reputation will be affected. Reputation is desirable and useful. It increases self-esteem and is a good basis for trust in communication and cooperation.

Would you also like to increase your reputation as a leader? Then you have come to the right place!

For each fully completed questionnaire, you will receive your individual profile immediately after completing it.

CR tool von Cristian Hofmann – Empowering Executives

Clear and straightforward Leadership Profile online tool by Cristian Hofmann

Answer 48 questions simply and intuitively

The online questionnaire assesses multiple dimensions that provide valuable insights in your evaluation.

Four topics provide you with an overview

CR tool von Cristian Hofmann – Empowering Executives

Your mobile Leadership Profile online tool to enhance your leadership effectiveness

CR tool von Cristian Hofmann – Empowering Executives

Receive your evaluation promptly and directly via email.

The development potential at a glance.

Discover Your Excellence

With the right strategy, you can become the best leader you can be.

Empowering Excellence” is the key to your success. I am your executive sparring partner, enabling you to enhance your reputation, making a measurable positive difference in your sphere of influence, and achieving breakthrough results. Take the first step with the Empowering Profile.

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