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Self-Leadership for successful executive presence

Excellence in Self-management

Your authority as a top executive is not merely tied to your function. It is also strongly defined by your personality, character, attitude and your level of self-esteem. This determines a very individual handling of challenges, requirements and decisions. Your self-management style is also very unique to you.

Self-management constitutes the core of Empowering Executives in leadership. Leaders must be first capable of successfully leading themselves before they can effectively influence others. The practice of self-management serves as a positive role model, highlighting the executive’s ‘self-leadership capabilities.’

As an executive coach and leadership consultant, I am your ideal sparring partner. I show you what is possible with successful self-management.

Excellence in self-management helps you to succeed in:

Enhancing your reputation with successful self-management

Very few senior executives engage in critical introspection as long as they are in the position that they are in. From time to time it is important to self-examine, for example by asking:

The more clarity you have about who you are, the stronger your presence will be. Empowering Executives supports your autonomy and self-realisation. It draws on mindfulness, energy disciplines and the practice of focusing your thoughts, which determines how you behave. It allows you to preserve your authenticity, to communicate in a solution-oriented manner and to act with a greater sense of composure. Your identity as an individual and as a leader merge into one, not only within the organisation, but also in your self-perception. Your pubic image blends into harmony with your self-image. This is the key to success in enhancing your reputation and authority.

I will help you achieve authentic leadership excellence. Let’s talk about it directly.

How effective are you as top executive? The Empowering Profile provides you with an integral overview as to how you are positioned as a leader.

Empowering Profile

Empowering Profile

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